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Information for Country and Regional Patients

Sydney Shoulder Unit looks after patients from Greater Sydney and Regional NSW. We offer Telehealth to all patients who find this a convenient option – because seeking a shoulder specialist to provide an opinion should be available to all regardless of their geography.

In many cases much of the initial assessment and Imaging can be organised electronically. Dr Pant is able to access your imaging remotely and carefully assess your scans with you. If the diagnosis is clear at that point and surgery is recommended then plans for this can be made. In some cases the final “in person” examination is done on the day of surgery and minor adjustments are made to the nature of any surgery that has been previously planned.

We aim to streamline your surgical admission and minimise your hospital stay. Most of your follow-up can be arranged again via Telehealth, requiring no further visits to the city. We have looked after and helped many regional patients who seek specialist shoulder care in this way.

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