Shoulder Dislocation – Surfer

The gentleman is a keen surfer and dislocated his shoulder. He presented with instability symptoms and an X-ray that showed a bony bankart (fractured glenoid). He was unstable on examination and wished to return to his previous level of function overhead. 

The MRI scan confirmed an anterior labral tear with a bony bankart; in addition he had a posterior (back of the shoulder) labral tear and a SLAP tear. He had a corresponding Hill-Sachs lesion (fracture at the back of the Humeral head). 

He underwent an Arthroscopic bony bankart and labral repair as pictured below. We were able to repair the tissues back to their anatomical (original) position using suture anchors and achieved a nice “bumper” at the front of the shoulder. We also repaired the posterior labrum and the unstable SLAP lesion – all keyhole – a total of 3 small 1cm incisions around the shoulder. 

He commenced JPL therapy at two weeks and went on to strengthen his shoulder at 3 months. He is back surfing at six months post-surgery and happy with his outcome.

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