Total Shoulder Replacement

This 70 year old lady presented with many years of shoulder pain. With the pain affecting her sleep and ability to undertake activities of daily living. Having trailed multiple cortisone injections over the years and an intense program of physiotherapy, she was at the end of her tether. 

Plain x-rays demonstrated end stage advanced osteoarthritis. MRI scan demonstrated an intact Rotator cuff – which is required for the “anatomical” total shoulder replacement to function well. 

CT scan with 3D planning was used to order “Patient Specific Instrumentation” for her stemless shoulder replacement. 

Dr Pant almost always uses the “stemless” anatomical shoulder replacement to minimise bone loss from the humerus, reduce bone loss, improve efficiency; and make any future revision surgery easier. 

The surgery was carried out as planned on the computer and the new shoulder was implanted using custom 3D printed targeting guides. She stayed overnight in hospital and was discharged home the following day. X-rays taken the following day after surgery shows a well positioned prosthesis. 

She underwent a standard post shoulder replacement rehabilitation pathway using the JPL method – commencing passive range of motion at 2 weeks post surgery. By 6 weeks she reported the old arthritis pain and the post surgery pain had all settled. At 3 months she had close to full passive range of motion and commenced a light strengthening program under the guidance of her physiotherapist. 

She is now pain free and delighted with her new shoulder joint.

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