Shoulder Fracture – Gardening

This 54 year old lady fell in her garden at home. She presented to the hospital with shoulder pain and swelling. She underwent immediate imaging with an x-ray and a CT scan with 3D reconstructions.

The fracture of the left shoulder was complex and shaft extension. This type of fracture is very difficult to fix as there is no medial hinge (due to the fractured shaft on the inside of the arm). She underwent an ORIF (Open Reduction and Internal Fixation) + bone graft + rotator cuff repair. The surgery was complex and needed a few tricks to get things looking perfect. Eventually, we achieved anatomical reduction and stable fixation to allow her early range of motion.

She commenced JPL rehabilitation at 2 weeks and united her fracture at 4 months post-surgery. She is back to gardening with new-found enthusiasm.

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