Reverse Shoulder Replacement – Pain

This lovely 80 year old lady I saw every six months for a few years as she coped with her shoulder pain. We tried injections and therapy for some time. Eventually, she could not manage her pain and lost independence – so we proceeded with surgical treatment.

The plain x-ray shows a standard pattern of arthritis; however, a CT scan and 3D planning revealed things were much worse with significant wear in the shoulder (she had a B2 glenoid with 18 degrees of retroversion and 82% subluxation). Her procedure was planned on the computer with 3D software well before her surgery thus allowing her replacement to be done with precision.

She underwent a successful Reverse Shoulder Replacement with augmentation on the socket side to correct the wear and position the implants accurately.

Her postoperative scan shows a well-aligned prosthesis. She underwent JPL rehab and was very happy with her new shoulder. And I have no doubt she is back to picking olives!

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