AC Joint Arthritis

This 48 year old gentleman presented with pain over the top of his shoulder over many months. A diagnosis of AC Joint arthritis was made and he responded well to an ultrasound guided cortisone injection initially. However, that wore off over a few months and he was unable to sleep on the affected shoulder and very keen to get back to his active lifestyle, so he elected to proceed with surgery.

He underwent an Arthroscopic Acromioclavicular Joint (ACJ) excision via 3 small keyhole incisions. His procedure was routine, he stayed overnight in hospital, and was discharged home the following morning with oral painkillers.

He commenced immediate range of motion and discarded his sling between 1 -2 weeks after surgery. At three months, he is back to the gym and kayaking and is happy with his outcome; his keyhole incisions were only barely visible at the 3 month follow up.

Arthroscopic AC Joint excision is a very successful operation when non-surgical measures have been exhausted.

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